[ b le ss i n g ]

- pu r p o se -

nobody knows
name: Len -marlene-
gender: female
b'day: december 19th
country: Mexico
work-school: cecyt-ipn
listen: rock-rock-rock-j-pop i wonder
whatever: anime/manga belongs to respective author, it is not..............
mine, i don't get anything *sigh* all right?
len's in mexico city, she speaks english and spanish too, damn it.
so, i've a lot of fandoms, it's possible that i forget many...
if you want to read or see my fan fics/arts/design, you'll go to circus
house's bitchies

current fandoms: d.gray-man, prince of tennis, bleach, naruto,
karneval, amatsuki, special a, desire climax, otoman, lovely
complex, nana, vampire knight, death note, xxxholic, tsubasa
reservoir chronicles, s.p.i, 07-ghost, kyou kara maoh, fruits
basket, meine lieb, private prince, skip beat!, junjou romantic,
nabari no ou, code geass, nobuta wo produce, harry potter, hellsing,
persona trinity soul, gundam 00, trinity blood, blood +, zombie lohan,
kure-nai, etc?